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Welcome to 

We are leading chemical, plastic resin,

cigarette filters trading company in Korea.


YUMIN product will take your business to mutual benefits.

Yumin Corp. has built strong network for over 30 countries on the basic of the sincere partnerships & undisputed quality and quick response.


Acetic Acid, Acrylates, Alkyd resin, Aluminium Sulphate, Amoxycillin, Bisphnol, Butanol, Calcium Carbonate, etc.


Engineering Plastics (Alloy-PC/PVT,PC/ABS), Commodity Plastics (ABS, EPS, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PMMA, PP, PS, PVCResin, PP Compound..)


Mono filter, Dual filter, Capsule filter, Flavored filter, Special filter, etc.

( with subsidiary company JAYLU )

(For Korean market)

내수용 판매 제품

​(가발사, 칫솔모, 플라스틱, 컴파운딩, 마스터배치, 필름, 산업용 원사, 콘텍트 렌즈 몰드)

We are trying to being mutual benefits by sincere partnerships.

With our diversity of accumulated knowledge, we are expanding our business activities from the industrial rar material
to finished product, semi-finished product for the global marketplace and provide great value and satisfaction to our customers worldwide.

We hope we could have a sincere business relationship with you, so in near future both of us should get advantage.

Are You Ready to

Accelerate Your Business

with YUMIN?

We are pleased to have opportuity to introduce our company as one of specialized supplier and exporter for
plastic resin, chemicals and cigarette filters since 1996.

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